Oldham Tuition Centre was established as a response from the growing numbers of concerned parents in Oldham about the welfare of their children’s education.

A good education is an important foundation for a child to build his or her future. Sometimes, extra support is necessary for those pupils who may be having difficulties in
certain areas or who are trying to achieve higher exam results.

The Oldham Tuition Centre provides teaching of core subjects Mathematics, English and Science to pupils of Primary and Secondary School ages 6 -16 by experienced, qualified teachers.

The Teacher will plan, deliver and advise students with help that will complement their school work. This will take place in line with the National Curriculum as followed by the schools.

The emphasis is on quality not quantity hence the learning sessions will take place within small groups of students.

Teaching approach

Unlike a day school or some other educational organisations, the Oldham Tuition Centre provides a different teaching method and approach. At the Oldham Tuition
Centre, we offer personalised learning which is delivered to the individuals in the group.

Delivering courses to a class is a successful mechanism for educating a group of students, but on occasions, some pupils may experience difficulties due to the
restrictions of teaching to a large group in a tight timetable.

Some pupils may not grasp certain topics and within a set time, it may be difficult to go back and review areas that need more attention. This can hinder their future
studies for they may lack the essential foundations upon which later knowledge is built on.

As a result, some students become disengaged from mainstream learning because they feel that their peers are leaving them behind.

For some students, time may be spent working on subjects of which they have full comprehension and so they could actually benefit from being pushed further ahead. In
summary, in education, there is no ‘one size fits all’ rule!

At the Oldham Tuition Centre, we aim to complement the essential work that takes place in school by helping students with difficulties or those who want to achieve
higher goals at an affordable price.

The OTC way..

Pupils undergo consultation on their first lesson and qualified teachers identify the areas to focus on. The time spent on subjects will be dependent on the needs of the pupil. Hence, we can adjust the pace based on the pupil’ needs.

We are able to provide this more flexible service due to our qualified tutors and our small groups. Using our teaching method, we fully compliment the work done during the student’s day school.

Additionally, we encourage pupil’s to bring in school work for which they may be having problems so we can them help them in these areas.