The importance of a good Science grade is becoming vital for students in order to keep their career options wide open.

At Key Stage 3, we focus on the following topics:-


Classifying Materials

Solids, Liquids and Gases, Particle Theory, Physical Changes, Atoms and Elements, Compounds, Naming Compounds, Mixtures, Properties of Metals, Properties of Non-Metals, Four Exceptions to the Rule

Changing Materials

Physical Changes, Chemical Reactions, Everyday Examples of Chemical Reactions, Geological Changes, Rock Types

Patterns of Behaviour

Reactivity Series and Metal Extraction, Reaction of Metals with Air, Reaction of Metals with Water, Reaction of Metals with Acids, Displacement Reactions, Acids, Alkalis, The Ph Scale, Useful Neutralisation Reactions, Problems Caused by Acid Reactions, Making Salts


Life Processes and Cell Activity

Life Processes and cells, Five Specialised, Plant Organs, Human Organ Systems

Humans as Organisms

Nutrition, Digestion, Absorption in the Gut, Kidneys and Water Regulations Skeleton, Joints and Muscles, Growing Up, Reproductive System, The Menstrual Cycle, Having a Baby, Breathing, Respiration, Smoking, Health, Fighting Disease

Green Plants as Organisms

Plants Nutrition, A Photosynthesis Experiment, Plant Growth, Plant Reproduction, Plant Fertilisation and Seed Formation

Variation, Classification and Inheritance

Variation, Environmental and Inherited Variation in Animals, Environmental and Inherited Variation in Plants, Inheritance, Selective Breeding, Classification of Plants and Animals, Using Keys

Living Things in Their Environment

Adaptation, Sustainable Development, Food Chains, Food Webs, Pyramids of Number, Survival


Electricity and Magnetism

Electricity, Electric Currents in Circuits, Series Circuits, Magnets, Electromagnets

Forces and Motions

Speed, Force and Movement, Air Resistance and Friction, Force and Rotation, Moments, Pressure, Units and Formulae

Light and Sound

Properties of Light, Reflection, Refraction, Colour, Sound, Hearing

The Earth and Beyond

Day and Night and the Four Seasons, Satellites, Solar System


Eight Forms of Energy, Energy Transformation and Energy Transfer, Energy Resources, Generating Electricity, Conservation of Energy

At Key Stage 4 – GCSE, we have an up to date and extensive expertise in all the GCSE Exam boards – AQA, Edexcel and OCR.

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