Study Programme

Oldham Tuition Centre guarantees to raise levels of school performance.
We will also help increase confidence, motivation whilst developing study skills and discipline.

National Curriculum Key Stages Two, Three and Four!

The Oldham Tuition Centre provides Primary and Secondary School teaching of core subjects Science, Mathematics and English to pupils of up to GCSE ages by Qualified Teachers.

The qualified tutors will deliver help, coaching, and advice that will compliment and be in line with the National Curriculum in a safe and focused learning environment.

At Key Stage 2, SATS exams at the end of year 6 are crucial in making sure that your child stands a good chance of being put in the correct class sets as they enter the Secondary school.

Since the child is new to the school, the only information that the Secondary School has to make a judgment on your child’s performance is what they achieved at the
SATS exams in Year 6!

During Key Stage 3, Years 7, 8 and 9, these year form the basis for making decisions to what level exam and your childs potential grade outcome at the GCSE examinations. Whilst most of these exams are taken by the end of Year 11 sometimes pupils can take some subjects in Year 10.

Based on teacher’s reports & SATs results, students will be directed to study for either Foundation or the Higher GCSE examinations.

Finally, at Key Stage 4, we focus on examination preparations, techniques, practice papers with in depth analysis on their results. Familiarity with the style of questions and the ability to answer them proficiently are key ingredients to achieving their potential grades